Kyla Basher: Co-Founder / Director


Hello! My name is Kyla, a mother of one belly-laughing toddler, wife to a commercial fisherman and owner of two toddler loving dogs. I have lived in our community for four years and have repeatedly heard the need for more quality early childhood education. My background has taken me through nearly 15 years of outdoor, environmental and adventure education. I have worked with ages 6 months to 18 years through summer camps, educational programs, public schools, and non-profits. I absolutely love the rain and believe there isn’t too much bad weather out there, just inadequate clothing. Being able to service my community through Forest Kindergarten is truly a passion and a melding of so many skills gathered along my path. I look forward to meeting you and bringing the most quality experiential education to your children while fostering this forest community.


Brian Crosby: Co-founder / Director


Brian Crosby here! I am an adventure seeker that is always on the lookout for ways to connect to Nature in a deeper way. I have a beautiful wife that is a dual immersion elementary school teacher, and in June 2018, we welcomed our first child to this big beautiful world! I have over a decade of experience working with young people in the great outdoors. These experiences have gifted me the opportunity to travel all over the Western United States working in Wilderness Therapy, inclusive wilderness trip guiding, summer camps, before and after school programs, and therapeutic recreation programs. I am also in the process of obtaining a certification in Nature-Connected Coaching and another for Transformational Wilderness Guiding from the Earth-Based Institute. I believe in fostering and creating space for children’s curiosity and imagination to run free. This is key to living a connected life. The gratitude I have for the opportunity to help cultivate your children’s wondrous spirit is immeasurable. I look forward to meeting you all out on the Land!

Harmony brings with her a wonderful duality in play and calm. Being able to join in the children’s world with a child’s heart as well as engage a child’s need for love and kindness. We are so grateful for her visits!


Linda is our resident Grandma on Wednesdays. A former educator, Linda not only shares energy and time with her grandchild but with all our children. Linda hails from the colder netherworlds of North Dakota and thus keeps us all chipper on cooler days! Always with a smile we are thrilled to share in this experience.